It Happens in the Body When People Yawning

People usually yawn when tired. In theory , provide additional energy to evaporate . However , this theory has been refuted by studies that showed that people who need more oxygen ( including sport and people with medical conditions depriving oxygen ) not as much evaporation of the people in general .

Yawning is still a mystery . A psychologist at Georgia Gwinnett College Lawrenceville , Ga. , Steven M. Platek , Ph.D. , ferreting yawning can be contagious .

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" Brain size of a grapefruit but consume 40 percent of energy metabolism . Runs hot and brain , " Platek said as reported by HuffingtonPost , Wednesday ( 04/16/2014 ) .

Researchers have found that yawning cools the brain , preventing it from overheating, which can reduce alertness . Temperature increases brain intimate when we are tired and when we are bored .

" The temperature of the brain determined the three- variable rate of blood flow in the arteries , blood temperature and metabolic heat production in the brain , " writes Andrew C. Gallup , Ph.D. , assistant professor of psychology at SUNY College at Oneonta .

According to him , yawning serves to increase arterial blood flow and allowing blood flow to the brain cooler . To answer the question about what happens in the body is quite simple . When yawning , mouth open and breathe deeply, and ends with a short breath . During that time , the muscles around the brain to contract and stretch and you take out the air . Then , in cold blood in the push towards the skull while the warm blood is pushed out .

" This action increases the blood flow to the brain and the skull and brain at the same time , it forces the warm venous blood away from the skull , " said Gallup .

Secondary behavior such as arm stretch or move your head when yawning serves as a cooling technique in the area under the arm . Moreover , the whole body stretching prepares your muscles for quick action , contribute to encourage vigilance that comes from the brain temperature is cold .
When evaporated heartbeat you can take as much as 30 percent and yawning is a sign of arousal , including sexual desire . Many other body parts that work when vaporized .

First , open your mouth , and your jaw drops , which allows air to enter as much as possible . When you inhale , the air taken to fill your lungs .

Your abdominal muscles flexible and your diaphragm is pushed down . The air you breathe expands lung capacity and then some air is blown back .
yawning Contagious

In the results of the study in Frontiers , Neuroscience , Gallup and his colleagues found that Omar T. Eldakar brain temperature rise was preceded by yawning in humans and mice . They also discover how to yawn more frequently when the ambient temperature is high .

Much research has focused on contagious yawning . This is a phenomenon in which we respond to evaporate others also do so . What’s more , we tend to evaporate when a close friend or family member do it .

Most of the studies say yawning is contagious. From an evolutionary standpoint , this makes sense .

" If one member of the group evaporates , it indicates something you should be doing , " Platek said .

Interestingly , people with autism or schizotypal personality disorder often do not evaporate .

So why do you yawn ? It could be to cool the brain that work hard or to increase alertness or just because you saw someone else do it .


Implementation of the World Cup Protest Demo Continues

Seratusan orang berpawai di jalan-jalan kota Sao Paulo, Selasa (Rabu WIB), yang merupakan lanjutan dari serangkaian unjuk rasa skala kecil untuk memprotes penyelenggaraan Piala Dunia di Brazil tahun ini.

Brazil akan menggelar Piala Dunia pada 12 Juni hingga 13 Juli untuk pertama kalinya sejak 1950. Namun muncul protes dari sebagian warga yang menilai bahwa terlalu banyak uang yang dibelanjakan untuk Piala Dunia ini, sehingga mengakibatkan kerugian di sektor layanan publik seperti kesehatan, pendidikan dan transportasi.

Di tengah hujan dan penjagaan polisi, para pengunjuk rasa dengan berani meneriakkan, “tidak akan ada Piala Dunia” dan “FIFA pulanglah”. Demonstrasi masih skala kecil namun sering, dan seperti saat Piala Konfederasi tahun lalu ketika lebih dari sejuta orang turun ke jalan untuk protes soal pemborosan anggaran.

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Kurang dari dua bulan jelang kick off Piala Dunia, masih ada tiga stadion yang belum sepenuhnya rampung. Demikian juga beberapa bandara dan proyek-proyek transportasi publik yang penyelesaiannya lambat.


This List of Recent Toll Fulfill the Minimum Service Standards

Jakarta Toll Road Regulatory Agency ( BPJT ) Ministry of Public Works ( PU ) released the results of the Minimum Service Standards ( MSS ) motorway second half of 2013. Examination was carried out until the end of last year to the 29 toll road .

Chief Ahmad Ghani Ghazali revealed BPJT of 29 toll roads , toll roads are 9 directly meet the MSS . Fulfillment by SPM Enterprises Toll Road ( BUJT ) 2 determine the annual rate increase a toll road .

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" A total of 9 toll roads that meet the SPM examination . Subsequently , there are 10 toll roads that meet the MSS after repair after BPJT mailed . To 3 toll roads , BPJT will give one week’s time so that SPM can be met , " said Gani was quoted from the official website of the Ministry of Public Works , Tuesday ( 04/15/2014 )

The SPM examination results came out after BUJT given time to correct this condition at the beginning of the year . However , because BUJT given time to correct this condition , a new SPM issued in April 2014 .

Toll Road Meets the SPM :

Semarang Section A , B , C
Surabaya- Gempol
Surabaya- Gresik
SS Waru - Juanda Airport
Ujung Pandang Phase I and II
Section IV Makassar
Semarang -Solo Section I
Surabaya - Mojokerto Section IA

In addition , there were three toll roads that meet the MSS with notes that were given 7 days to complete SPM , 10 toll roads meet MSS After Repair .


Sore Throat, Ahok Permit Not in Office

Jakarta Vice Governor Basuki Purnama Tjahaja not come to work on Monday (14/04/2014) this. He claimed to have a sore throat.

Information was obtained from staff reporter vice governor of Jakarta. The statement was later reinforced by short message Basuki told reporters that regular duty at the City Hall.

"Sorry my permission, can not log in as usual due to illness," said Basuki.

I wonder since when he is familiarly called Ahok was a sore throat. On Friday (04/11/2014) yesterday, Basuki home earlier than usual.

He left City Hall about 13:00. In fact, day-to-day, Basuki left his office around 18:00 at the latest.

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According to his staff, Basuki undergo health checks at one private hospital in North Jakarta.


Rp 8 trillion government bond auction 15 April

The government plans to auction bonds or government securities ( GS ) in the rupiah to Rp 8 trillion indicative amount on 15 April 2014 .

Head of Communications and Information Services , Ministry of Finance Yudi Pramadi in his press conference on Friday , said the sale of government securities through the auction to meet part of financing target in Budget 2014.

SUN to be auctioned has a nominal per unit of Rp1 million . There are five government bonds to be auctioned , ie SPN12150206 ( resale ) , SPN12150403 ( resale ) , FR0068 ( resale ) , FR0070 ( resale ) and FR0071 ( resale ) .

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Interest payments have been discounted to SPN12150206 done , SUN will be due February 6, 2015 . SPN12150403 Interest payments are also discounted . The bonds will be due 3 April 2015 .

FR0070 series has a fixed interest rate of 8.38 percent and maturing March 15, 2024 . FR0071 series has a fixed interest rate of 9.0 percent and maturing March 15, 2029 . FR0068 series with a fixed interest rate of 8.38 percent and matures March 15, 2034 .

SUN Sales will be conducted using a system of auctions held by Bank Indonesia . The auction will be open and use a variety of pricing methods .

The government has the right to sell government bonds to six larger or smaller than the indicative amount .


China’s exports and imports declined sharply

China’s exports and imports declined sharply , which becomes an additional hint of slowdown in the second largest economy in the world .
Exports fell 6.6 % in March compared to the same period last year while imports fell to 11.3 % .

Thus, for the first time since 2009 in two consecutive months Click the export of China declined .
The decline in exports in February mainly due to decreased market demand in the Chinese New Year holiday season that led many businesses and factories closed .

And analysts expect further increase in exports and imports in March , which did not happen .
March trade statistics it also raises concerns over perekonoman China , which also showed a slowdown in the manufacturing and retail sectors .

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Click Last week the World Bank had lowered the economic growth forecast for China to 7.6 % , or lower than the previous estimate of 7.7 % .
The Beijing government has announced a mini stimulus package to boost growth , such as a larger budget for rail infrastructure and tax relief for small businesses .


Trust Fund UK Economy Going Faster

International Monetary Fund ( IMF ) raised UK growth forecast to 2.9 percent this year . This is the second projection of the country’s economy is done .

The increase provided by the IMF to the UK to coincide with the announcement of two other indicators , to be part of the biennial world economic outlook . The announcement was released just a week after British Finance Minister George Osborne improving growth outlook . He estimates growth in gross domestic ( GDP ) will advance to 2.7 percent this year , after growing 1.7 percent in 2013.

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IMF Chief Economist Olivier Blanchard said the government projection is very clear , as the economic growth of the previous year .

" It is very appropriate to say we’re optimistic growth forecasts , and indeed much stronger growth than he expected , " said Blanchard told CNBC , Jakarta , Thursday ( 04/10/2014 ) .

He said , indeed it is the consumption increase is good news . ” I think for the future , the investment will be returned and will be more balanced growth , ” he said .

In addition , two positive indicators are also published on the British economy on Tuesday . First , the report shows British manufacturing grew more than forecast in February . Sectors which grew 1 percent in January , the three monthly increases and 3.8 percent yoy .

Second , a quarterly survey by the British Chambers of Commerce showed business confidence reached an increase in the first three months of this year . Responses from 7,479 companies expressed confidence in the six indicators .

However , these two changes will be seen as a coup by Osborne , who had previously clashed with the IMF over austerity policies .


Comment MH370 on Facebook, AirAsia Pilot Suspended

An AirAsia pilot dismissed from his job after posting comments on Facebook about the search for Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 missing since Saturday, March 8, 2014 .

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AirAsia Group boss Tan Sri Tony Fernandes , via his Twitter account , confirming the dismissal of the pilots . He said this is the first employee who violated company-specific policies and the case is being investigated without mentioning the identity of the pilot .

" There are special rules for our crew in to comment publicly about the MH370 . ‘s Obligations to the sense of concern for the feelings are not hurt , " said Fernandes , Wednesday, March 26, 2014 . ( Read : 122 Detected Object , Debris MH370 ? )
AirAsia X chief executive Azran Osman Rani said the pilot had violated specific regulations that prohibit any employee companies provide open-ended comments to an event that is under investigation .
In his Facebook account , the pilot denied that the plane is carrying 239 passengers MH370 including crew was an accident . He then accused Putrajaya hide information related to the incident . Pilot Facebook account is no longer accessible . ( Read : Malaysian Politicians Request Information Restricted MH370 )

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Previously , Malaysia Airlines chief executive Ahmad Jauhari Yahya concluded that none of the survivors at the crash site MH360 . He referred to the statement of the Prime Minister of Malaysia Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak who said , based on satellite data , aircraft flight MH370 ending in the Indian Ocean .

source:http://www. tempo .co/

Macan tutul salju misterius

macan tutul salju misterius adalah hewan yang indah dan karismatik , ditemukan di daerah pegunungan terpencil di Asia Tengah . Dilindungi oleh tebal , bulu berasap abu-abu , dan mampu melompat tiga puluh meter dan mengambil mangsa tiga kali beratnya sendiri , itu juga disesuaikan dengan dingin , lanskap keras .

Macan tutul salju Fakta : (see also: obat burung)

Pemalu dan baik tersamar , macan tutul salju sangat jarang terlihat dan tidak bertindak agresif terhadap manusia
Mereka adalah kucing soliter kecuali bila betina membesarkan anaknya
Macan tutul salju memangsa domba biru dan ibex yang berbagi rumah gunung mereka
Kombinasi penganiayaan dan perburuan liar untuk bulu dan bagian tubuh yang telah mengurangi jumlah macan tutul salju liar untuk sesedikit 4.000 dewasa , peternakan individu . Penduduk yang tersisa dipaksa menjadi lebih kecil dan lokasi semakin terisolasi sehingga sekarang sedang terdaftar sebagai terancam punah .

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Fauna & Flora International ( FFI ) bekerja dalam kemitraan untuk meningkatkan pengelolaan Sarychat - Ertash Reserve, salah satu dari beberapa situs yang dilindungi untuk macan tutul salju di Asia Tengah .

source:http://www. fauna-flora .org/

Big Question Mark Bird Iron neighbor

48 Hours More plane Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 declared lost on the way to Beijing , China , on Saturday, March 8, 2014 around 0:41 pm local time . Traces of Boeing 777-200 aircraft it had terendus in the territory of Vietnam.(see also: pakan burung)

The oil spill was detected in the region of Vietnam . Much speculation arose concerning the loss of the 239 passenger aircraft , including the crew . From start to malfunction , human error to terror . Speculation continues past the last called . This is because there are two passengers using a fake passport .

There are 2 passport on behalf of Christian Kozel , an Austrian citizen and Maraldi Luigi , an Italian citizen . However, the authorities of the two countries , Austria and Italy stated , the owner of the passport is in his country in a healthy state . The passport is lost or stolen by others . Not only 2 passengers suspected . Malaysian officials even mention there are 4 passengers who get special attention aka suspected .

Malaysian Transport Minister Hishammuddin Hussein had sniffed the presence of 4 passengers are problematic . Malaysian intelligence currently investigating the origin of 4 passengers , with the help of the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation ( FBI ) . ” Our intelligence , our counterterrorism unit has been assigned . , But our focus now is looking for the best for the sake of the family , ” said Hussein , Sunday, March 9, 2014 . Who are the other 2 passengers suspected it ? Malaysia has not revealed .

Malaysia Airlines passenger was comprised 152 Chinese citizens , 38 citizens of Malaysia , Indonesia 7 , 5 India , Australia 7 , 3 French , 3 USA , 2 New Zealand , 2 Ukrainians , 2 Canada , 1 Russian , 1 Italian , 1 Taiwanese , 1 Netherlands and 1 Austrian . Pilot Captain B - 777 - 200ER captain Zaharie MH370 was Ahmad Shah is a Malaysian citizen aged 53 years , who had worked for Malaysia Airlines since 1981 and has 18.365 flight hours . That is , the possibility of human error is very small . So is the damage to the aircraft . Since the plane manifold type is modern in its class .

Mysterious Sounds

Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak said it was too early to determine the presence of terrorism in the presence of 2 stowaway . Because there has been no indication of that. ” We will investigate all possibilities. For now , it is too early to conclude that there is no certainty something , ” said Najib in Kuala Lumpur , Sunday, March 9, 2014 .

A pilot of a Boeing 777 pilot who controls the plane to Narita , Japan , admitted last had contact with the captain MH370 , Zaharie Ahmad Shah . The unnamed pilot had a chance to make contact about 30 minutes after MH370 missing. The pilot claimed had tried to contact the captain at the request Zaharie air traffic Vietnam . He said , had been a contact with the captain Zaharie .

" We tried to contact around 01.30 MH370 early days to tell them enter Vietnam air traffic network , " said the pilot , told the New Sunday Times published Malaysian Digest , Sunday, March 9, 2014 .

" The voice that I heard maybe from Captain Zaharie or Fariq ( copilot ) . , But I am more convinced that the copilot . Voice noisy , rumbling . A voice like mumbling . Only that which we have heard , " he added . The pilot also claimed to not hear the sound of emergency aid or alias mayday from the pilot MH370 .

" I also believe the people who heard the voice will not hear no mayday distress call , " he said . " After being disconnected , Vietnamese authorities tried to contact again . " But he did not mention whether further contact was successful or not .

Turn Turn and Lost

Recent reports mention radar caught the last movement before it lost contact Malaysia Airlines . Aircraft allegedly turned around before disappearing . Search expanded .

" What we have done so far , look at the radar . And from the radar , we get the notion that behind the plane direction , " said Air Force Chief of Malaysia , Rodzali David , as published by Reuters on Sunday, March 9, 2014 .

Many allegations of possible points into the iron bird crash site . Ngo Van Phat Admiral , Commander Navy Region 5 Vietnamese allegedly said the plane crashed into the sea , 153 miles south of the island of Phu Quoc , Vietnam . ” Currently there are no Vietnamese Navy ships in the area , so we had to send boats from Phu Quoc island to rescue efforts , ” said Rear Adm. Phat Ngo Van Tuoi Tre news to the site .

However, it is not clear how the admiral knew that’s where the plane crashed , or whether there is visible debris . It is not known the fate of the passengers . The news blew that plane crashed in the waters between Vietnam and Malaysia . Because the Air Force Vietnam encounter two large oil slick in the waters between the two countries . The pool of 10 kilometers wide , the other larger at 15 kilometers . The oil slick into the basic search , which is being conducted in the dark on a Saturday night to Sunday morning.

Now the families of the passengers have been brokered by Malaysia Airlines to Kuala Lumpur . Family of 7 passengers including Indonesian citizens . The family in Indonesia have also taken the data antemortem by a team of Police Headquarters . Hopefully there is good news from this incident .

Rescuers find rubble at about 100 km south - southwest of the island of Tho Chu Vietnam . The location is not the best part of Malaysia Airlines ( MAS ) flight number MH370 missing since the early hours of Saturday, March 8 . (see also: pakan burung top song)

" There was a puddle of oil was found but we are now in the process of verifying whether the oil slick came from the missing plane . However , we have not received the report yet, " said Director General of the Department of Civil Aviation ( DCA ) Datuk Azharuddin Abdul Rahman during a news conference on Sunday ( 9 / 3/2014 ) as quoted by Bernama .